Stream of Consciousness / The Caves of Hasankeyf, Emmy Bacharach, 2019, Installation photo 2020 by Julia Szalewicz

Stream of Consciousness /

The Caves of Hasankeyf,

Emmy Bacharach

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In the form of a virtual reality experience, this work draws attention to the local and translocal significance of Hasankeyf, an ancient city in south-eastern Turkey whose existence is endangered by the Ilisu Dam project – which will cause the water levels of the Tigris river to rise and flood the town. It represents Hasankeyf using photogrammetry and visual material collected from the site, giving people a glimpse into the unique environment of the caves, many of which will shortly be flooded. Experienced from the point of view of the water, the viewer is present as the caves are gradually submerged, an experience that resonates with the trauma of a displaced local population.

About the Artist

Emmy Bacharach is a spatial practitioner, audio-visual artist, and DJ working at the intersection of architecture, sound, film and immersive technologies. Her work explores the social, political and spatial possibilities of appropriating digital technologies. Emmy’s background is in architecture, which she studied at the University of Cambridge and later completed her masters at the Royal College of Art, where she began to explore moving image, sound and immersive technologies. Her installation work ’Proxy Architecture’, which was featured at the Volumetric Ecologies: Environments, Bodies and Mediated Worlds showcase at Goldsmiths Digital Studios, immerses the viewer in a virtual world, a floating city composed of digital fragments of Istanbul, speculating on the collective potential of virtual space. Her research project ‘Sonic Urbanism in Detroit: Techno as a Spatial Act’, investigates the impact of urban space on musical subculture, arguing for the spatial agency of techno production and sonic collectivity in the context of Detroit’s post-industrial urban condition. She is a co-founder of Xcessive Aesthetics, an interdisciplinary design collective exploring data and augmented reality in the built environment .

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Stream of Consciousness / The Caves of Hasankeyf by Emmy Bacharach

Still image from Stream of Consciousness / The Caves of Hasankeyf, Emmy Bacharach, 2019

Still image from Stream of Consciousness / The Caves of Hasankeyf, Emmy Bacharach, 2019