1 Oct

The Second Networking Conference: Creative Catalyst

Creative Catalyst: A role for universities in building creative industries

5-6 December 2019

Abdullah Gül University

Kayseri, Turkey

Connect for Creativity’s second networking conference took place in Kayseri, Turkey between 5 to 6 December 2019 at Abdullah Gül University.

The conference focused on creativity, cross-cultural competencies, and the role of higher education and creative industry partnerships in driving the further development of future education. We explored why creativity and cross-cultural competency are among the 10 most important skills of the future? What is the role and contribution of higher education in creative economy? How can creative industries take an active role in the design and further development of future education?

The conference brought together decision makers, thought leaders and experts from across Europe to explore the future of creativity, skills, workforce and culture. The two-day event offered creative and cultural professionals an opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and experience to build dialogue and foster new collaborations through workshops, group discussions as well as keynotes and panels.

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