4 Dec

‘TransLocal Cooperation’ Exhibition is Now Digital

Delighted to share one of the outputs of Connect for Creativity project: TransLocal Cooperation, a quadro lingual exhibition of works born out of cooperation and knowledge exchange between British, Greek, Serbian and Turkish artists. The exhibition consider how we might organise for care across distances and differences with and for our translocal communities. The works within it ask how we might celebrate plural identities and their creative expressions while opening up and sharing these new connections for greater cooperation and empathy.

Shortly after its launch on 13 March 2020 in London, the exhibition was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition is taking off-ground and going live with its digital version.

8 ways to experience TransLocal Cooperation virtual exhibition

  1. Join; a private online tour of the exhibition led by curator Ruth Catlow and artists Georgios Makkas, Emmy Bacharach and Theo Prodromidis on Thursday, 9 July 2020 at 16.00 (CET).
  2. Watch; a video about the exhibition narrated by curator Ruth Catlow with images from the exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery in London.
  3. Complete; you own Probiotic Rituals; at a time when each of us are engaged in new daily rituals of cleanliness and separation, Ioana Man invites us to come together over new rituals of microbial discovery.
  4. Apply; to own one of an original edition of five of the 3D printed sandstone sculpture of a hybrid character created by fusing the digital models of two ‘original’ sculptures at the British Museum of: Alexander the Great; and Pericles of ancient Greek.
  5. Imagine; being inside one of the caves of Hasankeyf as it is consumed by the Ilisu Dam project in this artwork by Emmy Bacharach.
  6. Watch; Georgios Makkas’s artwork, which explores the Greek Istanbul neighbourhood of Kurtuluş or ‘little Athens’ – a territory within a territory within a territory…
  7. Read; artist Tamara Kametani’s interview about who gets to wipe the digital slate clean of our own data.
  8. Share; Theo Prodromidis’ activist newspaper about people’s right to shelter because – you can’t evict a movement.
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